What We're Not

What’s going on everyone? Today I thought it would be good to go over what you might find on our site, at least for now. We all have our passions, and they can be pretty wide-ranging. I guess I should instead explain what you won’t find here.

We’re nerds. We know it, we love it, we own, and we’re not ashamed of it. It doesn’t mean everything will typical nerd stuff though. Being a nerd doesn’t adhere to loving video games, comic books, and shying away from the populous masses. We do love things that are popular. We also love things that are not popular. But we love what we love because we love it, not because it is or isn’t popular. We live in the new center of hipster culture, and we’ll be damned if we turn to their dark side. When we love NES, it’s because we grew up playing NES and basked in all its glory; not because we found a console at a thrift store for $200 and think it’s ironically quaint. If Chris spends the weekend in his Star Wars tee, or I’m rocking my Rocko’s Modern Life socks, there’s always a hope that something as simple as piece of clothing can start a conversation about something we love. Side note: my Nicktoons shirt ended up in an hour long conversation between a dozen people at a bar in NYC. It was pretty great.

We are Business Causal Nerd because as being grown-ups, at times unwillingly, we don’t have the time to follow in our nerd-ism 24/7, 365. Sometimes there isn’t enough time left in the day after work, kids, significant others, and that sweet, sweet love of sleeping. This means you won’t find deep-dives that bigger sites might have. This is not without a point though. We hope to help share what we think is pretty damn cool without having to go through the minucia. If you have a family, and job, and social life, are you going to have time to play Red Dead Redemption 2 to full completion? No, and honestly, we won’t either. But when we find that cool indie game that is a manageable play time of 10 hours and has a hell of story, we will be right here and/or on the podcast to let you know about it. While on the topic, go play Ashen. You’re welcome.

Hopefully my rambling has made some kind of sense. In short, you’ll find what we think is worth spending precious time on. It might be a new great book, an entertaining movie, a fun game, an awesome comic, or an interesting project that we worked on in our tech lives. What you won’t find are hot takes, hipster takes, paid opinions, political arguments, or generally any politically-correct statements (that doesn’t mean we don’t care - just that we have no filters).

Is there something that you DO want to see? Something you think we’d enjoy? Something you want our opinion on? Hit us up! Leave a comment, hit up our Twitter, or email us. You have a plethora of options. Now go forth, and be nerdy!