Ice Breakers

Hello world. Brad here. I thought I’d let you know a little more about us, so you know where we’re coming from with our ideas/opinions/whining. Like I said, I’m Brad. I’ve done East Coast to West Coast, and back again. I currently reside with my wife and fur-toddler in a city that’s expanding much too fast for it’s own good. Seriously, much too fast. I love big cities, but it takes planning, infrastructure, and acceptance for a change in culture that no one else around here seems capable of handling. Yet, anyway. There I go rambling again. I’m a gamer, a nerd, a techie in several ways, and way too casual for situations I find myself in. I’ll always argue that Chuck Taylors are never too casual - just ask my groomsmen.

Have you ever been to a place that made your soul hurt? Where your escape from mundane boredom is provided by running from meth-addled, reaper-welding, backwood, yokels? Welcome to the corn fields of Indiana! Home of powerboat racing, doughnuts in a bank safe, and our one and only Chris! He finally escaped sometime in college, and has hung around here ever since. He has 2 wee little babes and one giant snowball of a fur-baby. However, he currently crashes at Brad’s while he and his family save up for a new house, because of life and the great Nashville migration. Seriously, it’s a problem. You need two incomes and a third mortgage to prop up a refrigerator box under an overpass here. He’s an Apple fan, a fan of apples, a fan of anything that takes him back to being a kid - including Star Wars and Lord of the Rings - and would give his left kidney to hang out with the Foo Fighters for a couple days. He also does some photography, and you should hit him up. He’s damn good at it.

Chris and I met at work over four years ago. We originally got along because we weren’t assholes. It’s such a simple thing to have in common, but it seems to be uncommon. Being stuck at the same desk with each other, we found we had many of the same interests. Most of those interests you will find here. It could be a write-up of the most personally influential alt-rock songs of 1994, a commentary pertaining to the slow, painful death of couch co-op and how we long for the “good ol’ days” of 15 years ago, or just a collection of fart-themed dad jokes that we laughed about on Reddit. We make a lot of movie and tv-show references, mostly stemming from the heyday of our undetermined generation. Too young to be GenX, but fuck you if the word “millennial” is uttered in our vicinity.

MC rolled in about 6 months ago after knowing Chris for seven-ish years while working at a “fruit company.” She’s an enigma and hard to figure out at times, but is enough of a nerd that she immediately fit right in. She shares the passion of video games and escaping to virtual worlds filled with pointy-eared non-elves that have an affinity for green attire and old-ass, laser-shooting swords. One day, we hope she’ll join the podcast to insert random cartoon voices so we don’t have to make/use a soundboard. Fingers crossed. I mean, a guy can dream, right? We can usually get her to crawl out from her Tiny House XL and join the social fold by offering some free grub and Rock Band on a theatre sound-system. It’s the little things.