Resolutions for the New Year

Hey there! In the vein of self improvement (or should that be vain, since it’s about me-me-me?) that I plan to soon fall short on, I’m hoping to be more active. I’m a lazy potato a lot of the time, so I need to be at least a less lazy yam. Hopefully that means more walking - yes, even if it’s cold - possibly going to to a gym, or at least skating around an empty parking lot with stick in hand.

I’m going to finally lose those last 10 pounds bringing me to a total of 50 pounds lost since 2017! In complete contrast to the previous statement, I am going to try to play more video games! I need to dive into Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Breath of the Wild. I would also love to get back into my photography side business.

I’ve decided instead of badgering myself with commitments I know I’ll break, I’ll go into 2019 with vulnerability. 2019 is the year for me to be more daring and open about my life. I want to rid myself of debt and actually having savings like a responsible adult. Also, exploring more and not staying in my bubble.

Business Causal Nerd
BCN has its own set of resolutions. Between the podcast, the site, the social stuffs, and carving out our own niche in the world, there is a lot to do. You will hopefully start seeing content at least weekly from us, as well as the graduation of the podcast. Beta release here we come! Brad is hoping to change to the Beta season by the end of January. He thinks he finally has the recording process as close as he can get it for now.